About Us

MP is a community bringing together endurance athletes interested in the same sporting activities. Rather than a solo approach to training, MP offers a solution by facilitating people in finding fellows to practice triathlon, cycling and running.

The Benefits for our customers are:

  1. Experience an unlimited endurance community anywhere you are- we are available around the globe.
  2. Get the training motivation you are looking for by training with a group or partners.
  3. Meet new friends with the same interests, endurance, and training goals.
  4. You will discover new and exciting challenges.

We’re member Ironman Tri Club Program and USA Triathlon Club.

We do have members in Chile and USA.

Meeting Point is participating in the Miami Dade College’s entrepreneurship program “Create”.

Our team has experienced and enthusiasts triathletes, cyclists and runners.

We know the challenges of every cyclist, runner and triathlete looking for partners and training plans tailored to me their particular schedules and fitness level.


  • Triathlete, runner and cyclist
  • Triathlon coach
  • 7 times Full Ironman Finisher.
  • Personal best 9hrs 27min


  • MD and PHD
  • Sport Medicine and Sport Science
  • Cycling Enthusiast
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